Monitor Water Quality

Muddy Branch originates in the City of Gaithersburg and, like many of the tributaries of the mid-Potomac Basin in Montgomery County, has been influenced by development that occurred early in the County's history along major transportation corridors such as Route 355 and the railroad. The developed areas with the highest levels of imperviousness are located in the headwaters of the watershed, and development densities decrease steadily in a downstream direction. Click here for a the report from the County.

We have over 14 miles of streams and tributaries that need monitoring.  We as citizens can help collect organism that are identified by the state through stream waders.  We also monitor the stream using National Audubon Protocol 4 times a year.  To get involved, we can provide training, and help in getting started or attach you with one of the teams working the stream.  Email us at to get in touch with Tracy Roleau, who heads our monitoring efforts.