Muddy Branch Alliance began as a concept around time of the Community Clean Water Summit on February 26, 2011.  Leading up to this contacts were made with several groups in the county including Stormwater Partners, Prince of Peace Creation Care Committee and Scale-it-Back.  There was a void in the watershed to support the health of the stream, and there was a overwhelming level of support at the Clean Water Summit.  Another local watershed group, Little Falls Watershed Alliance was contacted and with their encouragement, led to adoption of a similar logo and sharing of several key documents that could help for incorporation.  Where Little Falls group use a Tulip Poplar leaf, we decided to use an Oak leaf.  The head waters of the Muddy Branch are in Gaithersburg, and they prominantly use an Oak Tree as a city icon.  It was appropriate.  We are also fortunate to have the Izaak Walton League's headquarters on the Muddy Branch and their support.  The group met for a first meeting and were very encouraged by the interest.  A core group pulled together to form a board.  We brought up a Facebook page, began an email contact list and participated in Alice Ferguson trash pickup.  Again it was great to see the community in action. Articles of Incorporation were filed in April 2011 and we are now a recognized entity and have our 501(c) non-proffit status.