About Us

Our Vision

The Muddy Branch Alliance's vision is for the surrounding streams, lakes, forests and parks to be teeming with life, safe for families, pets and wildlife to enjoy and to have a community connected to preserving the area's intrinsic beauty.

Our Mission

Our goal is to protect the vulnerable natural environment that surrounds this stream, the Muddy Branch.  From Gaithersburg, through North Potomac and eventually to the Potomac River, we want to ensure that the natural spaces in our area flourish into the future.  As stewards of the Muddy Branch Watershed, we are committed to maintaining its' water quality, natural habitat and ecological well-being. We do this by bringing neighbors together to build awareness, improve its natural habitat, and enhance the community's enjoyment of the many creeks and streams within the watershed.

Our Board

The Muddy Branch Alliance started in 2011 as an all volunteer group of concerned citizens.  The Muddy Branch Alliance counts on the participation of citizens who share our vision.  Please support us by volunteering at an activity, by attending a meeting or through financial donation.  We don't have a budget for any staffing and count on our volunteer members and board to achieve results.  To meet the Board, click here.  To CONTACT US, send email to muddybranchalliance@gmail.com or call 240-424-5392.

The Incubator

We are working closely with our sister watersheds, Watts Branch and Seneca Creek, helping to grow activities and meaniful water quality projects in those wonderful watersheds.  For more information click here.